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Breathwork Session today—

Repost from @birthingadvocacy

The holidays can be a stressful ass time (whether negatively or positively) & we all need to carve out space to re-center & care for ourselves collectively as a community.⁠

Pause & take some time & space to ground again at Andrea’s breathwork session on 12/21 at 1pm ET/10a PT!⁠

During this hour together, we’ll:⁠

- drop back into our bodies (ground)⁠

- practice deep abdominal breathing & the lion’s breath⁠

- notice our thoughts a & thoughts from a non-judgemental POV⁠

- utilize the 4-7-8 breath & alternate nostril breathing ⁠

- do some visualization⁠

Feel free to drop in & or drop out whenever you’re comfortable. There’s no pressure to be on or off cam. Make space for yourself, your breath & body!⁠

Join us for FREE.⁠

Registration Link In @birthingadvocacy Bio!⁠

[ID: A graphic with a black background of a repeating pattern of BADT fist logos. There is a circle picture of Andrea Richardson in the middle. And the text underneath says: “Join us for a live breathwork session. Thursday, December 21st at 1p ET / 10a PT”]

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