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Day 2 of Childbirth Education class

Enjoyed day 2 of my Childbirth Education class. I think Erika Davis (from @_wholebodypregnancy_ ) is the bees knees 😝 I’m learning so much from this class! I love her approach, style and energy.

We learned more about each stage of labor:


Prodromal labor

Active labor & pushing

Transition 😬

Birthing the placenta

We also went over the process of caesarean birth, as well ✨

What’s happen in the birthing person’s body

How they can cope

How support folks can support them.

I love being reminded that birth isn’t linear. That the stages of labor are just guidelines, rather than hard points to follow to the t. I loved being reminded that I can encourage birth folx that birthing is in their own time, according to their own body’s needs/wants.

Next week—more on medicated birth & postpartum. I’m geeked!

I love this! 💚

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