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Day 2 of Childbirth Education class

Enjoyed day 2 of my Childbirth Education class. I think Erika Davis (from @_wholebodypregnancy_ ) is the bees knees 😝 I’m learning so much from this class! I love her approach, style and energy.

We learned more about each stage of labor:


Prodromal labor

Active labor & pushing

Transition 😬

Birthing the placenta

We also went over the process of caesarean birth, as well

What’s happen in the birthing person’s body

How they can cope

How support folks can support them.

I love being reminded that birth isn’t linear. That the stages of labor are just guidelines, rather than hard points to follow to the t. I loved being reminded that I can encourage birth folx that birthing is in their own time, according to their own body’s needs/wants.

Next week—more on medicated birth & postpartum. I’m geeked!

I love this! 💚





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