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Day 5 of 7-Day Solo Pleasure Challenge!

Today’s Day 5 of my 7-Day Solo Pleasure Challenge! Folks were sharing so neat things! Even created a special space in your bedroom & living room for items of things that really means a lot to you. Today gather up some of your favorite items: perfume, card games, love notes (wink* wink*) (maybe even the lyrics of the songs from your sensual playlist & put them all in one space: a table. Or desk or someplace private & are able to see it everyday. This space can be your pleasure altar. ✨They remind you that you always have access to pleasure anytime you want. When adulting can be a bit much, go to it & grab an item. Let the joy that item brings rush over you. 🗣🗣🗣Reply back describing one item that will/is on your pleasure altar. Tell me what that item means to you. Why is it on your altar? Note: it’s important that folks don’t share pictures or post their altars online. ✨💚 Anywho, do you have a pleasure altar. If so, what love things are on it? Comment below 👇🏽 Check out my chocolate body paint from @house.of.bawdy! ✨ #pleasure #pleasureactivism #pleasurealtar #7daypleasurechallenge #pleasuredoula #sensualsweetcoaching

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