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Delayed Cord Clamping

Repost from @themidwifemethod

❤ Optimal Cord Clamping ❤

When babies are born, they still have about 1/3 of their blood still circulating through the placenta and umbilical cord. Optimal Cord Clamping is when the cord is left attached to baby while this blood transfers to baby's body. When cord clamping is delayed for just 90 seconds, baby will benefit from:

❤ 60% more blood cells

❤ Enough iron to prevent deficiency for a year

❤ Extra white blood cells to prevent infection

❤ More antibodies and stem cells to help repair the body

❤ Easier transition to lung breathing

❤ Optimised birthweight and improved general wellbeing

If just 90 seconds can do all this for your baby, imagine what 5 mins will do! These days, it's pretty standard at hospitals and birth centers to wait at least 60 seconds, and some hospitals even wait for a minimum of 3 mins. You can ask your midwife to 'Wait For White' which is when the umbilical cord blood vessels are left to close naturally, and the cord turns white before it gets clamped and cut.

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