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Entrepreneur Anniversary Month!

Transparency post:

March is my full time entrepreneur anniversary month! The 31st is the day I quit my last full-time gig. I remember so much trauma and drama leading up to it, even before the panini press in 2019. 2020 came & I remember my ancestors saying to me, "If you quit this gig, ALL these doors will open to you. You really think you're secure now?!'

I was nervous as hell, almost sick from anxiety. But I left my old soul sucking gig. And my world open the fuck up--& there definitely was a peace that took over for the '99-00. I knew I'd be okay. (I'm hella resourceful & I had lovely support from so many beautiful people who believed in me) It hasn't been easy at all.

I was telling a new friend (who is an entrepreneur, too) that I've NEVER cried so much, until I was an entepreneur. Happy / Elated tears and tears of complete panic and frustration (sometimes it's like what the WHOLE hell am I doing? lol)

But I'm so grateful to all the people who've supported me emotionally, financially, resource-fully (lol) these past 3 years. Ya'll have been lifting me up. I definitely wouldn't have made it this far without you! Thank you kindly!

ps: don't forget to blow your cinnamon in your doorway for abundance, protection, money for the month of March.

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