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From oxytocin vibes!

Repost from @oxytocinvibes

“By @rebornfromwithin 🌸 “It all began with this flower you were drawn to. A flower amongst many, so delicate, so beautiful, so bright. Beauty so natural the earth sprouts it in various vibrant and eye-catching colors. Like you; alluringly radiant in all your glory and splendor. Your courage, power and passionate spirit bring life to any room. You inspire, giving all of yourself for the well being of others. Like a flower selflessly being, bringing more to us than we can truly comprehend. We see you Mama, and we know you see us.. thank you, for all that you are and all that you will be. ⁣

✨📷 to see more images go to @birthwithoutfear and @takebackpostpartum.

Cessilye along with a group of other incredibly selfless and beautiful people run a women's healthcare organization specifically geared towards making healthcare more accessible for expecting mothers in the Dallas area. They give all of themselves to this organization, having families of their own. It is an incredibly powerful organization that could use any help we could all provide.

We can all make a big difference, and all it takes is a little help. Please Go check out their site and contribute whatever you can. Thank You! ⁣ @abide_women.”





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