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Group Reiki Session (Level 1)

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be facilitating my first GROUP reiki sessions! Levels 1-3 in reiki!

Our first virtual group reiki session (Level 1 only) is next Tuesday November 28th @ 6p CST.

During our session, we’ll attune & cleanse your:






In preparation for reiki attunements level 2 & 3.

During our level one session:

💛We’ll meditate and ground before session

💛I’ll open up the Kundalini meditation

💛 I’ll channel the reiki energy

💛We’ll talk about what we’ve experienced during sessions (sights, sounds, feels, etc)

💛 I will offer recommendations based on experiences, downloads, etc.

💛They’ll be a chance to ask and get questions answered after the session

💛Follow up a week later and/or schedule next session

🤎Level one students receive (via email) :

🌀reiki & chakra resource list (articles, links to meditation, books recommendations)

🌀your student manual

🌀my chakra workbook


I have 10 slots open so sign up soon! To sign up:

Email me: about your interest & your spiritual journey.

Send your monies to Cash App: $WombCareWomxn

Read more information about me on my website:

Read more info on reiki from my blog: or IG:

Let’s connect soon,


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