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Happy Full Moon in Leo!

Happy Full Moon in Leo, EVERYONE!

It's time to shine and push past your comfort zone. Leo is ruled by the SUN & that's why they are so out front & confident! I know for me, I've been feeling extra social these past days. It's been causing me a little fear. (My Moon is in Capricorn. So, it's forcing me to be less reserved--which is kinda scary).

Do you have any Leo placements in your chart? How is it showing up? S/o to my doula sib @_Insearchofgarden_ who has a beautiful moon in Leo. Praying that this full moon feels so easeful and confirming for ya!

With the encouragement of that Leo moon (& Gigi from @iamlivingaligned) , I feel empowered to say that I'll be teaching my first workshop on Pleasure Mapping--talking about what it is, how to practice it with yourself and your partner/s, how it improve communication and care with self and your partner/s.

Pleasure mapping is revolutionary, especially for BIPOC folks who hold trauma in our bodies. Pleasure Mapping is an entire healing. I'm looking to support general pop, but especially Black folks who are pregnant, in immediate postpartum (within a year), queer Black folks, too. More information soon. Please stay tuned. *giggle*

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