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Hello October!

Can you believe we only have 3 more months until the lunar year is ova!? In some ways, it’s felt like this year has been swallowed up by the pandemic. I feel many of us have been refined by 🔥 this year. It’s been hard to focus. 

One thing that helps ward off my Autumn/Winter blues & ground myself is digging into traditions that make me feel warm & safe. I usually make lentil soup & a winter playlist, bake pies, take early brisk walks in the park and drink more hot cocoa than I usually do! This year, I’m planting sweet potatoes indoors & planning on buying a beautiful heating blanket, cozy thigh high knitted socks from @kayray0606 , a deep green/forest cowl from @doohicky_craftique & maybe (🤞🏾) a quilt from @adiathedoula. 😍 I hope to create new physical fitness intentions & prepare for Daylight’s saving? 

What are some of your favorite #autumntraditions?

What are your #October goals? 

How do you center/anchor yourself during the cold months?

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