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How To Ease Birth Anxiety

Many Black birthing folks have expressed to me that they fear birthing pains and have alot of anxiety around that. Their fears and anxieties are valid. Whether they come from fear of pain, or past birthing trauma or simply due to birthing while Black in hospitals–all valid.

These are things I’ve encouraged my own clients to do to ease their anxiety:

💚Talk with a trusted friend/support person about birthing anxiety.

💚Research, write and say birthing affirmations to calm you.

💚Create rampages (audio recordings on your phone) about your ideal birth & listen to them daily.

💚Write a self care plan to manage anxiety. Put it where you can see it.

💚Seek therapy/professional support.

Are there any things you’ve done to ease your anxieties about birthing/labor?

Doulas: How do you support clients as they navigate through their fears about birth? Let me know!

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