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Infant Sleep/Feeding

Repost from @inclusive_birth

INFANT SLEEP ✨ Babies have the most amazing super-power (and I call it a "super-power" because I, for-one, would love to have the ability to catch an extra 40 winks at breakfast).

Some sleep trainers will insist that a nursing baby is not a sleeping baby and that naps taken whilst feeding don't count towards their overall sleeping hours - but evidence has shown that babies can indeed achieve restful, restorative sleep, even if they are guzzling down milk.

In fact "dream-feeding" has become a common suggestion for infant sleep - the idea being that you half-wake your baby between 10pm and midnight to initiate a feed and fill them up in order to continue a longer stretch of deep sleep. Science supports this idea as the brain will always prioritise restorative sleep to the first few sleep cycles of the evening. Dream feeding your baby at the latter part of the evening can enable this restorative sleep to continue without them waking because they are hungry.

I wonder when we lose the eat/sleep super-power and whether we can re-train ourselves? 🤔*reaches for pillow whilst eating lunch*.


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