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Informed consent

Repost from @birthingadvocacy

Informed consent should be at the center of all interactions when it comes to birth. Informed consent is a conversation that includes: ⁠

✅ An explanation of what is being asked⁠

✅ A list of the benefits ⁠

✅ A list of risks ⁠

✅ A list of alternatives, including doing nothing ⁠

✅ An opportunity for questions and further clarification ⁠

✅ Adequate time to make a decision ⁠

Informed consent holds the birthing person at the center of all decisions. It places value on their choice and holds them above the productivity of the medical-industrial complex. ⁠

Were you given the opportunity to provide informed consent? ⁠

[Image description: An orange sticky note with black text that reads "Informed consent conversations never start with "I'm just going to..."]⁠

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