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Joy 🥰 of Queer Families!

Repost from @studioxiiiphotography

Did you know that I take on a select number of births each year for queer and/or POC families? Photographing this transition into the world is so wildly powerful, and I’m so lucky to have photographed some really amazingly beautiful births. I am committed to bringing visibility for queers and POC into the birth world just as I am the wedding industry, and I’m so grateful for all the families who have trusted me enough to be there at such a sacred moment in their lives. If you’re in the Bay Area, I know two amazing queer midwives/birth workers who I couldn’t recommend more @restore_midwifery and @parteramidwifery as well as many family services such as @northbaylgbtqifamilies, @aboutfamiliesinc and the LGBTQ perinatal wellness center.


Here’s to queer families and the beauty they bring into the world... I love you!


Do you want your birth photographed or think you might know someone who does? Tag them in the comments or head to my website and drop me a line. 💌 .


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