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Mondays Are For Radical Rest

Over the weekend, I attended @embodiedblackgirl event where Tricia Hersey from @thenapministry was speaking! She reminded us that our ancestors worked hard enough & we are to relax. We will always be worthy of it REST.

I’m thankful that rest has looked like so many things for me since the panini press begun!

On Mondays, my rest looks like:

- taking 20 minutes to daydream

-napping anytime between 20 minutes & 2 hours

-taking long Queen’s baths

-putting my phone on DND for hours at a time

-letting folks know I’ll get back with answers on Tuesdays

-stopping to take deep breaths



I’m so thankful for the pause and reminder that we can resist through rest!

What are the ways you love to rest?

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