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Moving Grief: Making Space for Pleasure & More

Repost from @ekuaedisa

“Not only can moving grief out of the body make more space for pleasure, but it can be experienced as pleasure.”

You ever been grieving and notice that it feels goooooood? You ever got on your hands and knees, breathed deep into your root, then let it out with a loud moan-y groan-y sound? I often notice ecstatic sensations in my body while grieving, especially when I combine movement and making sound from my body. It’s so good, y’all.

Black folks, come grieve ‘til it feels good with me August 28 from 12pm-2pm ET. Register now:

Also check out my grief care package giveaway for folks who have attended and/or donated to support grief practice sessions this year! It’s packed with hand crafted goodies to support your grieving.”

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