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My Granny Richardson

Repost from @greatmigrationarchive

“My paternal Granny, Mrs. Malverna Richardson, was a master quilter here in St. Louis by way of Mississippi. In 2021, the Missouri Folks Art Program wanted to honor my Granny by sharing her story (by then she had been gone almost 31 years). When I saw it, I bawled. Took it as a reminder that she’s always with me, protecting me. She’s actually one of my spirit guides on the other side. I feel her strongly always!” -Andrea

Submitted by @wombcarewomxn.

Mrs. Malverna Richardson (left), master Quilter, teaching a participant in the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program, 1987.

Mrs. Malverna Richardson demonstrating her stitches to a festival visitor, 1987.

Photos from the Missouri Folk Arts Program.

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