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New Moon in Scorpio Invocations

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And so it is ✨

Comment I am to accept and affirm for you.

At 12:07 AM eastern time, the Moon moves into its darkest phase.

This marks the final of three Super New Moons in a row, closing out a significant season of your journey.

This particular New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio. ♏

Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign, and when the Moon is in its darkest phase here, great transformations take place.

In the tarot deck, the card that’s ruled by Scorpio is Death.

This card is actually a really positive card to appear, as it signifies the phase before rebirth.

I’ve used Tarot to tap into this Super Scorpio New Moon even further.

As I shuffled through the cards for your reading, I set the intention of emotional healing and awareness.

Your intuition is leading you through the depths and darkness of this Super Scorpio New Moon.

Let your journey begin by shining light upon the card that will provide you with the energy you’re tapped into this New Moon.

Learn more about the Super Scorpio New Moon and how its energy impacts you at the link in bio @themoontarot

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