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One Scholarship Available!

Peace! Happy Monday!

I have been blessed to be awarded with a $1000 grant from Balsa Foundation! And of course I'm using it to cover costs to support one Black birthing person during their birthing journey. It will cover the costs of:

-2 one-hour virtual prenatal visits

-Continuous virtual labor support

-2 one-hour virtual postpartum visits

-Phone/email/text support

-Assistance & co-creation of birth preference plan

-On call for 37 weeks until birth

-2hr. support immediately after birth

Book a consultation if you:


-Are a Creative/Artist

-Have multiple marginalized identities (queer, full bodied, low-income, survivor, etc)

-Have access to wifi

-Don't mind working virtually

-Willing to offer a service/product as an exchange

If this is you, book a consultation on my site: Link in bio! If this is someone you know, share this with them. Please share this with your communities. Thanks so much!

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