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Oxytocin vibes

Repost from @oxytocinvibes

by @moonandcheeze.

“I’ve considered myself to be a professional artist for about a decade now. Ive created so much work and this is honestly my favorite piece. Im seeing it pop up a bunch and I am happy it is resonating with some people. It seemed inauthentic to see it pop up other places and not have a true home here. I created this page as a creative outlet and a way to share my heart. My kids are my heart and I know a bunch of yall are here for just that. Empowerment is also my heart and Ive done my best to express that throughout my life. None of that truly connected until this shot. Breastfeeding as a black woman is something I am so proud of. I fight for it every day. Black women fight everyday for space and I am posting this as a thank you for that. This is my art” ✊🏾💛❤️




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