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Pleasure Affirmation/Black Queer Freedom Summit

Pleasure Affirmation reads: I FIND PLEASURE IN EVERYTHING I DO

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be facilitating a workshop @ the annual Black Queer Freedom Summit Sunday February 19. This year, this one-day summit will focus on wellness:

“Our theme this year is “Wealth of Wellness”. It is our ancestral birthright to live well however that means for us individually.”

In the spirit of sensual wellness, I’m excited about making space for & supporting other Black Queer Folx through my workshop: Pleasure Mapping For Black Queer Folx. Along with learning about Pleasure Mapping, we’ll be having conversations about sensual pleasure & sharing tips on how we prioritize pleasure everyday as Black queer folks!

I’m thankfully doing two sessions during this summit. And I’m also looking forward to connecting with other Black & Trans honey dips in virtual community.

If you’re interested in buying tickets (they are free, ya’ll) click here:

First 100 are free! Link in comments✨💚

Hope to see you there!

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