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Pleasure Board: Sense of Smell

Happy Venus Day! Happy Friday!

Check out my pleasure board for my sense of smell. These are just some of the thing I lovvvveeee smelling!

✨I usually burn incense on my ancestor altar (not shown here) everyday! To start the day.

✨Here is some sage I dried out. When I picked it from my community garden, it was amazing! I’m looking forward to burning it!

✨I made some hair & body butter a couple months ago. This is my second to last batch. Melting all the oils together made my kitchen smell chocolate-y. I made this with mango 🥭 butter, cacao butter and grape seed oil. Added crushed lavender and jasmine flower. It smells and feels so flowery and light! I love it!

✨Mangos 🥭 smell so citrus and yummy to me. Citrus 🍊 fruits & oils always lift my mood. It’s definitely a great moment and vibe. And of course they taste soooo yummy!

What are some things you love to smell everyday or often. Take a moment to pause and think on it. Share with me later. ✨

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