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Pleasure Mapping workshop this weekend

Happy 2024! I'll be leading my first live Pleasure Mapping workshop for 2024! This workshop is open to those who are stressed and need a break to pause & calm their bodies.

Pleasure mapping is an intentional act of “mapping” what parts of the body loves very specific pleasure through touch/sensations. It’s a way to explore pleasure through touch. To figure out what intensity, temperature, tempo you love!

Let's take this hour to focus on:

-calming our bodies

-focusing on the present moment

-talking about sensual pleasure

During this workshop, you'll learn:

-What pleasure mapping is & it's benefits

-To re-define sensual pleasure

-How to pleasure map (we'll be mapping our faces, scalps, necks, ears)

-Why pleasure mapping is important

-How to uncover your pleasure through exploring touch

-Tips on how to prioritize our pleasure in our every day lives

January 28

2p CST / 3p EST

via Zoom

Andrea Richardson (she/her/Goddess) is pleasure activist & the owner of Womb Care Womxn, a full spectrum doula & healing service business based here in Saint Louis. As a certified Full Spectrum doula, her focus is to support Black folks & families in birth, loss (pregnancy & infant, and abortion) & pleasure. It’s her joy to emotionally, physically & spiritually support her communities as they move through many life experiences.

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