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Pleasure Tip for Pregnant Parents

Pleasure Tip for Pregnant Parents: Use Kinesiology Taping (KT) to relieve pressure

Using Kinesiology tape (KT) can aid in back, pelvis, belly support during pregnancy. It’s a sweet alternative to belts, braces that pregnant parents might alleviate discomfort.

KT is a stretchy cotton tape with adhesive on the back. Its stickiness is activated by your body heat.

Tapping directly on belly can help with:

-low back pain

-sacroiliac joint pain

-decrease pressure on the bladder/pelvic floor

-decrease weight or heaviness of the belly

-swelling in the hands or feet

-shoulder and neck pain (i.e. postural support)

How to use:

-Cut a piece of tape to desired length

-Tear the tape in the middle of the strip

-Apply the tape under the belly, rub it to provide heat activation

-Pull each side up with some tension, rubbing again to adhere

-Apply the last inch or two without any tension

Taping can be worn for several days.

Disclaimer: be mindful about the stickiness of the tap. You may or may not be allergic or have a sensitivity to it.

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