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Postpartum Visit: PLAY

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

My client & I are gonna do self care/play during our postpartum visit this evening.

During our first prenatal visit, we (my client, her husband & I) created a list of self care items we loved. We used the Self Care Wheel.

Yesterday, we choose 4 to 5 things to do during our time this afternoon.

We'll be doing some:

-physical self care (I'll be teaching them how to do Qi Gong and the benefits

-psycological self care: coloring

-spiritual self care: listening to music & singing

-emotional self care: cracking jokes, watching comedies & playing with their pet, cat. crying (maybe)

-personal self care: learning more about who we are as indivituals through conversation

It should be so much fun!

Two weeks ago, we grieved HARD. This week, we PLAY.

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