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Pregnancy Affirmation: "I go with the flow even as my plans shift."

Listening to pregnancy affirmations can help to empower and relax Black birthing folks during pregnancy.

Listening to them daily during your pregnancy can help relax your mind and body so you can prepare for your birth.

So happy & proud that I created my first pregnancy affirmations card deck for Black parents! I’ve also created an audio recording of these affirmations, as well! It’s a digital download @ $10.

Pregnancy affirmations can help you physically, mentally, and emotionally. They are proven to reprogram our minds, hearts and even bodies. And that reprogramming can help promote a healthy & happy pregnancy.

Black birthing bodies deserve positive affirmations to help increase oxytocin during their birthing experience. They deserve a peaceful and calm experience so they can bring their babies earth-side.

Check out my affirmation card deck & audio recording here:

Please share with all the Black pregnant folks you know!

Link in bio!

May it bless ya! Please share with anybody who needs it!

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