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Pregnancy + Infant Loss Gathering

Repost from @invitingabundance

"Final Call to Register for our December Pregnancy + Infant Loss Workshop! 🫶

This monthly series is designed for all who have experienced pregnancy and/or infant loss. Whether your loss(es) took place this year or several years ago and whether you are a gestational or non-gestational parent, you are warmly welcome to join us.

These gatherings honor a broad spectrum of losses including - but not limited to - miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, stillbirth, abortion, termination for medical reasons, adoption, and infant death. These workshops are also Trans Inclusive. 💞

This Saturday's workshop invites participants to reflect on their grieving & healing journeys. After doing some gentle breathing and embodied grounding, we'll offer reflective writing/drawing prompts. Then we'll discuss how rituals can provide footholds through transitional times and offer some ideas for using the coming weeks to engage in creative ritual grief work. 🕯🙏

Please reach out with any questions! DM works just fine - so does contacting us via our email:

Click our bio link to learn more 🌲

[ID: photo of a lit red candle on a snow-covered evergreen tree branch. On the left: "Pregnancy + Infant Loss Workshop Series - Creative Grief Practices: Rituals & Reflections - Online - December 17 1-2:30pm EST/6-7:30 GMT"]”

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