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Queer Black birthing is everything!

Repost from @blackdoulaproject

#Repost @dr_simplicity, thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us! Black parents are vital, moving, ancestral ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽



Let it be known that we moved heaven and earth to have you, my love. That you were carried through a pandemic, through eight states, through three different homes until we could find a safe place for you. That we survived the epicenter of COVID and of racist and classist destruction. That we coped with mandatory quarantines and restricted and inconsistent care. That we severed vampiric ties with those who & that which cannot fathom consideration. That we sheltered when and where we could, and moved when and where we needed.


Let it be known that you were born in a Renaissance. That the resistance ushered you into this realm. That the resistance brought your parents together and nestles within us. That our lives, our love, our contributions, our imaginations matter, sustain and inspire the world.


Let it be known that you were divinely requested, and only through divinity, received. That our ancestors were called upon and delivered at every stage (thank you, thank you Grandma Daisy and my DoDo-darling). That they handed you off to us with tenderness, like the gift that you are.


Let it be known that you were born at "home," in radical love, trust and defiance. That these institutions were not made for you, but that WE were made for you. Thank you for choosing us.



Thank you, thank you 😭 to Erica from @barefootbirth for your assistance in ushering this mighty spirit earthside. 🖤🖤🖤🖤


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