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Questions For Your Prospective Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Doula

I’ve noticed that as many pregnant clients and their families are learning about the benefits of a doula, they aren’t necessarily aware of what to ask prospective birth doulas.

Here are many questions families can ask to see if their prospective birth doulas are a great fit for them: :

  • What is your philosophy on pregnancy & infant loss? 

  • Do you know your biases around pregnancy, birth & postpartum? If so, what are they? 

  • Have you supported families moving through miscarriage, stillbirth or NICU? If so, tell me about your experience.

  • Why’d you become a PAIL doula?

  • How have you supported families through a difficult pregnancy, birth or postpartum care?

  • What are your business values as a doula? Personal values as a doula? 

  • What kind of losses have you supported? Home? Hospital? Birth center? 

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