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Rainfall (Pleasure Post)

Ooh wee!

It’s natural for me to love rainfall & puddles as a Scorpio. I’m blessed to have captured a moment of this cool bliss.

1. I stood near a puddle & watched as the raindrops kiss the ground. Can you see them?

2. Stood outside a door way of my favorite coffee shop to capture the sound of the rain as they plopping down.

3. Before the downpour, I captured a picture of a dewy & pink rose.

For the first time, I took some deep breaths as the rain blessed my bald head. the rain 🌧

Song playing in my head: “The Blast By Talib Kweli.

And first memory that surfaced while in the rain was of me & my first love kissing in the rain as teens. It was so tender & sweet

How much do you love the rain? Or getting wet? When was the last time you kissed in the rain?

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