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Ready to become a reiki practitioner? ✨

Ready to become a reiki practitioner? 

Come learn about the 10 skills you need to become a reiki practitioner? 


1. Let Your Ego Go 🚀 

2. Be Sensitive (and embrace that ish) ❤️‍🩹

3. Learn The 7 Major Chakras 

4. Know How To Ground / Center 🌲 

5. Create Spiritual Boundaries (& Use discernment) 

6. Practice your magic DAILY  ✨ 

7. Learn How To Meditate  🧘🏽‍♂️ 

8. Practice Patience (with self, clients and community) 

9. Cultivate Creativity 🧡

10. Know it’s life long journey 

I’ll be facilitating this 1-hour virtual class “10 Skills You Need To Be A Bad@ss Reiki Practitioner” next Sunday December 10th @ 2p CST. It’s $55.55. I only have 10 spots available so sign up soon! DM for more info! 

Let’s connect soon! ✨ 

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