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Reiki 101 Class (4/28)

Hey, ya’ll!

I’ll be facilitating a virtual one-hour Reiki 101: Manifest Your Intentions with Reiki class this Sunday (4/28) 2p CST/ 3p EST

During the class, we’ll learn about :

🔆What is Reiki

🔆What is Kundalini energy

🔆7 Major Chakra system

🔆Benefits & risks of Kundalini Reiki

🔆How to prepare for your session

🔆Grounding activities before & after your session

🔆What may happen during & after your session

🔆Helpful reiki resources / offerings

🔆Follow up advice

This may be a good class for you, if you are:

* interested in learning about reiki

*curious about the benefits and risks of reiki

*interested in having a reiki session but need details

*curious about how reiki can help to manifest your goals

*believe reiki may support in healing ❤️‍🩹

It’s $30/attendee.

This class has 25 spots, so sign up soon! Folks interested can find out more information and sign up—

DM me if you have any questions & I’ll write you back right away.

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