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Reiki Student Testimonial

Peace & Happy Tuesday! Just wanted to share a Reiki Student Testimonial this morning!

Posts read: Intuitive isn't the word to describe Andrea. My reiki sessions were extremely valuable, informational, and accurate. Andrea was able to pick up on energies I was consciously choosing not to acknowledge, bringing them to the forefront in such a caring way. Our time together was so helpful, she intrinsically nudged me in the direction of being in integrity to what my spirit was saying. Andrea possesses a skillfully adaptable communication style that holds space for her clients. Her sessions made very clear of the work I must do to keep up with my own emotional hygiene. She is a master at her craft, and I highly recommend working with Womb Care Womxn.

If you identify as a healer & desire to learn more about activating yourself & your communities, hit me up or email: I'd love to support your reiki healing journey.

I have a special til the end of this year: Attunement (levels 1, 2, 3 of Kundalini reiki--remotely) for $333 (good until the end of this year). Check older posts & REIKI highlights for more details.

Let's connect soon!

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