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Review from Solo Pleasure Challenge💚

What folks are saying about the 7-Day Solo Pleasure Challenge:

"I was looking for ways to add pleasure and tending to myself into my daily life, and this challenge was perfect for that. Andrea's prompts were thoughtful and fun and made taking time for myself each day easy and something to look forward to. I would definitely do the challenge again and highly recommend it."--Tiffany Marceaux

Looking for ways to...?

-practice self care ✔️

-increase your creativity ✔️

-expand how you view sensual pleasure ✔️

-connect with your sensuality ✔️

Join our self paced 7-Day Solo Pleasure Challenge on my website.

Ready to carve out space for yourself? Most activities take 10-20 minutes to do. Miss a day? No problem--you have plenty of time to sink into our practice.

Only $10.

Download the Wix app to join! ✨

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