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Saturn energy/the world card

Happy Saturday!!


Saturdays are influenced by Saturn energy. Saturday is a good day to lean into CLEANING and ORGANIZING your home or space. Saturn is notoriously known for noting how the structures and rituals in our lives are kept in order. I think Saturn influences folks to turn on music & spend their mornings/early afternoons cleaning, running errands, etc. Tending to their spaces.

One of my favorite things about the WORLD card (which is the Capricorn ♑️ card) is that when it shows up (upright), I am reminded that I COMPLETED a task & it’s time to celebrate! .

One of my favorite Capricorn ♑️ is @thestellarcollection

Who are your favorite Caps ♎️?

Deck: #classicmelanatedtarotdeck by @oubria


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