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So, what's Pleasure Mapping?

I’m Andrea Richardson, a Saint Louis based sex & pleasure doula. And today, I’d love to talk to you about something that has had a profound impact on my sensual wellness and self intimacy journey during this time of isolation. It’s called Pleasure Mapping.

Pleasure mapping is an intentional act by an individual or partners exploring varieties of physical touches, their sensations, intensities, temperatures, and directions that bring them pleasure in their bodies.

As a single honey dip living independently during this time of isolation, my personal pleasure mapping practice has been a way for me to safely sustain and center my sensual wellness by soothing and satiating my “skin hunger”. Which is how I describe the craving for touch and deep physical intimacy that I, like many others, have been experiencing so much of during this time. This practice has helped me in my own journey of cultivating intimacy and vulnerability with myself. So naturally, as a pleasure doula, I’m excited about sharing this loving practice with you so you can experience all the wonderful benefits that I have and more.

When done solo, or as a shared experience, Pleasure Mapping benefits include:

teaching individuals how to love up on their own bodies as we explore them without self judgment. This allows us to improve our body awareness, body image, self worth and our overall relationship with ourselves and others, especially those we choose to share connection with.

If you would like to experience this with yourself or partnered, or just learn more about it, the benefits, and how to prioritize pleasure in your everyday life, I’d love to be your guide in a private session which you can book through my website

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