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Social Media Break! See you in October 💋

Starting tomorrow--In the spirit of orderly Virgo energy, I’ll be taking a social media break for the rest of September.

I’m looking forward to focusing on supporting my birthing client during the later part of their pregnancy & activating and attuning folks in Reiki. I’m also looking forward to co-hosting “Jade Talk” with @kuzaajade later this month. Lastly, I’m elated to be participating in @kulunturjc’s doula mentorship later this month, as well. 💕

I’m relieved to free up SO MUCH time! Pleased to be away from planning, writing, scheduling and interacting on social media. Social media is practically a full-time gig now.

The rest of the month I’ll be doing hermit-esque ish, too. Lol

If you need doula or Reiki support, feel free to email me:

I won’t be answering any DMs, comments & messages until October, so email me, if ya need to!

I’m sooo ready for this social media detox! See ya in October.

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