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Softening as a practice

Since my birthday last week, I’ve reflecting on my accomplishments last year (Nov. ‘21-Nov. ‘22)

And asked myself what’s working & what isn’t about my schedule/days off/everyday dealings.

After looking @ my old journal from September, I realized I wanna revisit doing things that help me soften (especially when it’s difficult)

“Soften” verb: To make or become less hard. Similar: alleviate, ease, relieve, soothe

To soften is a practice (meaning we have to continue to use or apply it. Even if we aren’t “successful” the first or second, third time.

This week, this is my focus—to practice making my life easeful as possible even in resistance (internal and external)

Plan on doing 3 or four things everyday that primate ease & alleviate stress (in all ways).

What do you think about “softening as a practice”?

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