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Spotlight National Association to Advance Black Birth ✨

I’m so grateful for this spotlight! blushing

Click the link in bio to learn more about how I support as a healer & pleasure doula!

Thanks again, @the_naabb! I love y’all!

Repost from @the_naabb

“Let's meet today's birthworker spotlight Andrea (@wombcarewomxn):

Andrea (she/her/Goddess) is the owner and founder of Womb Care Womxn. She is a spirited and grounded black identified woman is from St. Louis Missouri.

As a healer, Andrea supports Black womxn & folx heal themselves and their communites. As a pleasure doula, she teaches Black womxn & femmes to priortize pleasure everyday.

It’s her desire to assist and make space for liberation in her communities.

Learn more about Andrea at!”

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