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Spring Equinox Pleasure Mapping!

Spring is almost here! Ready to slowly awaken your body?

Join us for our next monthly Pleasure Mapping workshop March 19, 2023 @ 1p CST/2p EST.

Andrea Richardson, a Saint Louis based sex & pleasure doula will be facilitating.

Pleasure mapping is an intentional act by an individual or partners exploring varieties of physical touches, their sensations, intensities, temperatures, and directions that bring them pleasure in their bodies.

When done solo, or as a shared experience, Pleasure Mapping benefits include:

teaching individuals how to love up on their own bodies as we explore them without self judgment.

This allows us to improve our body awareness, body image, self worth and our overall relationship with ourselves and others, especially those we choose to share connection with.

During the workshop you'll learn:

-What pleasure mapping is

-To define or redefine sensual pleasure

-Why pleasure mapping is important for your pleasure

-How to uncover your pleasure through exploring touch

-How to expand your pleasure in your body and life

Attendees: Please email me: 3 songs that bring you so much pleasure! We can play them during the workshop.

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