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Stakes Is High

July 2019, I visited the Twin Cities for a Jamily conference/retreat & “Free Mind, Free People” Conference, an educator conference.

That week, me & a new friend veered off & found this exhibit reception happening in Saint Paul one night.

“Activist Architecture” used both hip hop & architecture as inspiration. I loved seeing the contract of the beautiful & smooth words gliding across the cold & gray walls. (I love texts/words in visual art)

My favorite part of this exhibit was the DJ playing hip hop 12 feet above us. That was dope. One and only song I remember he played was “Stakes Is High” by de la soul. That song floated & permeated the space so hard—I was obsessed ever since. Truly, I had never heard this song sound quite like this...

Easily one of the best exhibits I’ve been to.

Might as well be “De La Day” since older music of de la soul can be streamed on all platforms today. So bittersweet. If you need me, I’ll be crying & listening to de la soul all day!

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