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Studying tarot on Social Media Break

One of the things I did while my social media break was studied more tarot. I tuned into readings my tarot coach Oubria (She’s a dope as reader and WRITER) did more me years ago. And applied them again.

Back in 2022, one general reading she did for me one message that came through was to talk with maturing adults / elders about my services. & I did. And I will today, too.

1. I wanted to remind myself of each major arcana, the energy they represent & the planets / signs they govern.

2. I love how tarot & astrology connect ✨ Sun + Emperor represents Sun in Aries or 3 of wands

3. My money reading for my damn self: Let go go of the heartbreak around lack (3 of swords in reverse) Create gratitude around what I do have (write that shit out). Once I do that I’ll start working o FEEL a sense of flow, a feeling (Like Melodies from heaven) (Ace of cups) I can really start attracting the money I want. When I move past it, I’ll no longer be in a state of discontentment & let go of my regrets (8 of swords)

Letting go reallly shows up in a lot of my reading. It’s a skill I’ve been working on a lot! And haven’t come close to mastering

Anywho, I love how tarot is technology stars ✨

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