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Support Black Queer Healer (Fundraiser)

Peace! I’m Andrea Richardson (she/her/Goddess) a pleasure activist & the owner of Womb Care Womxn, a Full Spectrum doula business based in Saint Louis, MO. As a pleasure & sex doula, it’s my mission to support Black womxn, femme & folx explore and uncover how to prioritize pleasure in their everyday lives. I’m finding that asking for what I want and/or need is a means to cultivate my pleasure practice. Asking (and receiving) helps me practice pleasure by releasing the temptation to overworking/overextending myself. Asking (and receiving) also helps me lean into the community to get my needs met! Back in February, I applied to facilitate Pleasure Mapping workshops @ the Sex Down South in Atlanta Sept 7-9. And they ACCEPTED my application & invited me.I’m over the moon! This will be my first time facilitating @ a conference. I’m excited to educate and support attendees about Pleasure Mapping, so they can add it to their self-care tool box! I’m also excited about networking and cultivating my sex doula practice! I’m raising funds for: Round trip ticket from STL to ATL Hotel for 3 days/nights Transportation Food & fun Could you donate? $10 here, $25 there, $50 here or there? Or could you support by sharing with your dearest friend or special groups/ That would be helpful!

Here's the link you donate:

Share, if you're able! Thanks in advance for your support! Andrea Owner of Womb Care Womxn #pleasuremapping #pleasure

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