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Ways To Balance Your Throat Chakra 🩵

The throat chakra (the energy center located nearest to our hearts) houses:

🩵 how we express ourselves (with our hands, body and verbally)

🩵 our writing ✍🏽 styles

🩵how we process others expressing themselves

When we’re struggling to express ourselves in our own languages, we tend to feel as though we have a lump in our throat or suffer from sore throats.

Here are some ways we can balance our throat chakras:

🌀Do lions breaths (slowly inhale and slowly exhale with an audible sound)

🌀Wear light blue items: clothing, jewelry, accessories

🌀Stretch your neck (back and forth & through dance)

🌀Write a journal entry without judgement of your spelling. Try to create a free write.

🌀Stay hydrated (activate your through by drinking water)

🌀Eat blue foods (blueberries, plums, elderberries, etc)

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