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What’s a pleasure & sex doula?

A pleasure and sex doula is a coach or healing guide. It’s someone who helps activate one’s pleasure and sexual centers by walking them through exercises, healing modalities and techniques to aid in great sexual-spiritual health.

Sex doulas support clients to help guide and activate their sexual awareness and freedom. They don’t perform intimate acts with clients. However, coaches provide exercises, techniques and avenues to help facilitate healing around pleasure and sexual energy.

I appreciated my training with the National Black Doula Association!

I’ve been heavily focused on assisting Black women & femmes activate & reclaim their pleasure. To help them prioritize their pleasure and sex lives every day!

If you’re interested in learning more & how I can support you on your sexy, and pleasure-filled journey, hit me up: andrea@wombcarewomxn. You can book a pleasure and sex doula consultation on my site:

Can’t wait to chat & connect!

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