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What’s your wildest fantasy?

I asked my pleasure doula community for this week's Freaky Friday question, I asked "What's your wildest fantasy?" 👀 😍

One of my community members emailed me back with her thoughts, so sweet:

(shared anonymously with permission)

"In my wildest fantasy, 

I am free from flare ups from my inflammatory disease. I am living it up in New Orleans as an educator. Able to teach liberation and ethnic studies with no colonizer telling me it’s wrong. Teaching black children their histories, and we are sipping smoothies in between discussions and writing prompts. I am living in my post op body, I am juicy and flowing. The world has enough and I am enough in this world, in this fantasy. I leave work and come home to citrusy scents, my husband is preparing dinner and our children are playing in the backyard. We own our home! We have a vegetable and herb garden. We have peace and understanding. The decor in our home is lovely, comforting, inspired by our ancestors. We have an altar that we pray to and dedicate time and energy to praying for our bloodlines. After dinner we watch a documentary about whales and the ocean. We put the kids to bed. We pray. Shower. And we make love passionately. The next day is Saturday. We lay in bed all day caressing each other."

She's definitely worthy of her WILDEST 😜 fantasies and more. Can't wait to see her manifest them in her life!

What is one of YOUR wildest fantasies? 😛

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