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Why I Became A Doula 2019

@ my first doula training, we were asked why we why we decided to become doulas.

I found my statement while looking for my Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale 1 (EPDS for my birth client.

Here's what I really believed. And still believe wholeheartedly over 3 years ago:

"Black womxn, birthing people of color need support, love, tenderness during such a precious, vulnerable and sacred time such a pregnancy. We've (and our ancestors) have experienced generational womb trauma. We've been under valued-our bodies and babies aren't honored & cherished. I am becoming a doula to give back--love up on, honor ourselves-Black bodies, Black babies. We don't get enough. I am becoming a doula to cherish us, heal trauma, help facilitate sweetness that ripples through generations."


Over the years, I've loved supporting clients through birth (& even loss) journey. It's been an honor to support with comfort measures during labor, offer resources during pregnancy, educate about the postpartum complications, honor loss through rituals, too. And so much more!

If you're interested in hiring me as your birth (and/or) loss doula, book a doula consultation @

Let's connect soon!

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