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You deserve a positive birthing experience!

For accessibility: You deserve a positive birthing experience.

Especially if you’re a Black birthing body, especially if you’ve experienced sexual trauma, especially if you’ve been diagnosed as being “high risk”, especially while you’re birthing during a pandemic, especially while you’re birthing Black babes during unrest, especially since you EXIST.

How, where, in what matter you’d love to birth matters. Gathering ideas/visions for birth preferences plan in first trimester is a way to honor your experience.

Where will you be birthing? Who do you want a part of my birthing team? What are my birthing space’s new policies on folks in my labor & delivery room? What lighting/temperature/sound do you want to be a part of your birthing space? How does to being & feeling safe look during this pandemic?

The earlier you plan & let those around you know how you want your experience to look/feel/be, the more empowered you are during these uncertain times. Get folks on your team to honor ALL your preferences because you deserve a positive birthing experience. 🔥🔥🔥


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