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Your Birthing Experience: You can say "No"

This is YOUR birthing experience--you lead.

Whether birthing @ a hospital or at home, there are things that you can decide: From where you birth, to who will be supporting you during birth, options to manage your pain, after delivery options and beyond...It's up to you.

Especially in a hospital, you have the rights to say no to any and everything. If your body and heart so desires, you can say no to:

-Continuous fetal heart monitoring

-Cervical checks

-Med students in your room

-Apathetic Nurses trying to rush your labor

Testing of cord blood


-Procedures done to baby after birth

-Immediate cord cutting

-An epidural or Pitocin

...and so much more!

Emergencies are defined as birthing person and baby are at risk. They are different.

Listen to your body & know your rights. Hire a birth worker to support you in all your options.





Book a doula consolation to talk more about your birthing options & the right to say "No" in hospital spaces. Link in bio!

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