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Zora Neale Birth Package (birth only)

Only need support during your labor and birth? I got you!

Zora Neale includes:

-an intake/assessment about your labor & birth needs are like your pain management choice, where you’ll be birthing, your choices of physical labor positions you choose, etc.

-12-24 hour continuous active labor support (with self care breaks, of course)

-emotional labor & spiritual support (all my prayers,encouragement, soothing, ashe from my ancestors, duaas, etc)

1-movement/physical laboring positions to get your babes down, suggestions on switching positions, deep breathing, affirmations, reiki, even.

-2hr. Support after your babe is here to make sure there aren’t any immediate postpartum complications.

All for $1255.

Supporting birthing folks virtual & in-person.

Connect with me, if you’re interested. Book your consultation: or shoot me an email:

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