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5 Skills You Need To Become A Bad@ss Reiki Practitioner pt. 2✨

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Here are 5 skills you need to become a bad@ss reiki practitioner pt. 2✨

1. Practice patience. With yourself as you’re learning about yourself as a healer. With clients as they learn about chakra systems, & reiki energy. That’s important.

2. Learn Meditation. Both practitioners and clients should learn how to meditate to ground and center before sessions & after sessions. It helps the reiki energy flow better—

3. Cultivate Your Sensitivity (what a gift you have) Doing so will help you uncover downloads, connect wirh Spirit & enhance the reiki sessions for you & clients.

4. Embrace Your Creativity (that sacral chakra) It’ll help to cultivate joy and lightness to your sessions! It’s fun, too!

5. Reiki healing is such a life long journey!

I’ll be facilitating a class on “10 Skills You Need To Become A Bad@ss Reiki Practitioner” next Sunday November 19th @ 2p CST Click here: to sign up!

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